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Longbows (2021)

Permission 'to just be' requires space. Harking back to scores such as Sonic Meditations, 1971 by the great Pauline Oliveros, Longbows explores how long a sound can be played out as one take. A string-like instrument is disintegrated to its extremes. As it withers, new elements and tones come to life and add a layer before it fades. An awareness of slowing down, a slowed down moment draws on elements of the self care movement in contemporary fine arts. Time slows down sound until it is apparently silent. Yet there is no such thing as silence, we cannot stop time. We can, however, stop long enough to be nearly still, while listening (especially active listening) is still a form of 'doing'.

collaborative work by Joseph Kamaru  Ross Alexander,  and Lupus Sieger.

The work comprises a live performance presenting recordings and sounds collected and made by the two in their respective home cities of Nairobi and Berlin and an online virtual exhibit of mixed-media works.

Within AMALGAMATED HABITATION : NAIROBI/BERLIN the two artists utilise their respective collections of sound-walk field recordings made in Berlin and Nairobi to create interpretive and abstract sound maps of the two cities, these recordings are combined with extracted 3D mapping data and p-o-v video recordings of areas within the two metropolitan centres to create an immersive multi-media work which presents an impressionistic representation of similarity and contrast between the two places and aims to create a type of 'amalgamated' imagined city-scape using sonic and visual elements gathered from the recordings and videos.
In creating this hybrid representation the two aim to question and reflect the markers and boundaries which are used to define the typical aspects of habitational urban environments on different continents such as in Nairobi or Berlin and to abstract the the patterns of psycho-geography which play a role in the relation we have to these habitats. Within this, as is a theme within the work of both artists, a re-contextualisation of the represented spaces allows for escape into a third, imagined place which exists somewhere outside of any real-world restrictions, a place where typical markers and boundaries are deconstructed and reformed to offer an alternate view of what a metropolitan space can sound like, look like and be.



Opening format presentation Jan_23 16:00-17:00 on @cashmere_radio

Online Virtual exhibit Jan_23-31 :

project funded by Initiative Neue Musik Berlin @field.notes.berlin_inm


Meditation for an Open Mind, 2021.
Felisha Ledesma, Joseph Kamaru, Mitchell Keaney

Meditation for an Open Mind was originally conceived as a guided meditation performance to explore the sensorial relationships between scent and sound. Due to health regulations in Germany mitigating the spread of COVID-19, the performance became a pre-recorded guided meditation for listeners to experience from their homes. Still working with the nature of a live performance, the sound for the meditation was recorded live in one take following four loosely defined stages: opening, sensory movement, intensity / catharsis, reconnecting to center.

Selected field recordings paired with modular synthesizer create the sonic environment to trigger memories of places and scents, while the “scent” aspect of the performance has been substituted by a spoken word piece. Using techniques found in ASMR for relaxation and reducing stress, we describe the scents that would have been used in the live performance with the intention of helping listeners pull from their existing sensory memories involving scent and sound.

*Pre-listening Instructions*

Before starting the mediation,
please wear comfortable clothing and make a relaxing space in your room/home to lie on the floor.
Take a few sips of water, turn out the lights in your room,
lie down,
close your eyes (or wear a sleeping mask)
listen to the mediation with your favorite pair of headphones.
If something in the meditation strikes you as strange or incomprehensible,
don’t panic.
Welcome the confusion
enjoy the sounds
preconceived ideas or predetermined


(Nairobi, Berlin, St Petersburg)

Three-channel field recording/experimental sound, loudspeaker system.

Listening is often driven by a desire for understanding. It's an attempt to make associations, to recognize the sound as familiar to what we hear into known categories. Its also described and experienced as solidarity and individual practice, deeply personal and private. Field recording is one tool that enhances critical listening, using environmental sources as compositional tools. In 'Variations', the three channels of the work protract and complicate the listening experience. The soundscapes of the three locations will be installed as 3-channel audio, protracted at equidistant angles (Speakers) forcing the listener to stand centrally between either of the speakers to perceive the piece of two different locations or start in the center and listen to the entire scape collage. Movement and memory is key in this installation as it affects how the listener will hear the sounds, depending on the position of the ears, and understanding the piece as a whole.

Abuja Art Week, Nov 2019, NIgeria

Variations [Radiophonic]

Sonic Agency Festival -TBC
(in between Spaces)

AISIMULA, 2020 (wip)
4 Channel Audio-Visual 

‘AISIMULA’ explores the relationship between noise and artificial intelligence, investigating the contrast and connection between human processed sounds and output generated by Machine learning , investigating the emphasis of expression of the machine’s emotions from limited data set.



AISIMULA (excerpt01)